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Yeah.This will be my last entry.

Today, some girl asked if "Homework" was an oxymoron.

Everything is turning out alright for Weikei. I'm happy for him.

* * *

I was supposed to be ordering a guitar today (the inexpensive Jay Turser jazzbox of SEX), but my mom is being silly, and she wants to check local stores for prices. Yeah, like there's going to be a HOTT semi-hollow jazz guitar for under $300 in houston. Good game, mom. Good game.

* * *

In other news, Zach Herbst is a racist bastard. If you don't like racist bastards, then bother him.

Congratulations, Zach! You're Gabe's ass-hat of the week!
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Get it? Get it? (http://www.mushycat.com/buttons/button1163.gif)

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School is getting progressively stupider and stupider. Thank god for my English teacher (Even though that class is horrible, and I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy).

* * *
teamEXPLODING practice was awesome yesterday. We had a trombone player, a trumpet player and a bari sax player here rehearsing with us and it was too awesome for words. COME AND SEE US.

After the practice, I went to a voluntary pep-band gig for a basketball game, but Matt Johnson took some pieces out of my tuba case, so the tuba that I had was worthless. Tim let me play his trombone (needless to say, I sucked), but I was able to at least play some things with correct pitch. Thankfully, Weikei gave me some idea of where each position was a while ago, and I had a trigger, which in turn meant that I didn't have to pull the slide all the way out. It was SO MUCH FUN. Not a lot of people were there for band, but I saw quite a few that I knew. After the game, Tim, Nick, Marissa and I went to Chili's. Words cannot describe how much fun that was. I'd like to say thanks to the waitress [Call me sometime ; ) ; ). We'll go to bennigans on your lunch break] who put up with our hysterical laughter and overall craziness. I drew her a picture of an angry rabbi with the hyperlink to this LJ, and she hung it up in the kitchen. If you're reading this, then thank you for not judging us when we took the leftover fajitas from our neighboring table.

More later.
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It's been too long since I've updated...

Inventory of occurences


Friday was fairly eventful. The day began as usual, the same girls asking stupid questions (Friday's installment was "What is the Chapter 12 quiz on?"). It was pretty boring during school hours. After school, however, David and I left for Steven's to get his marimba (so he could return it to the band director) and his drum set (so we could practice). No one was home the first time, so we went to david's house and dropped some of his equipment at my house. Then we went to steven's house again, but this time his mother was home. We disassembled his marimba, carried all of the pieces downstairs, and loaded them cautiously into david's car. We got to school, met up with Steven, and spent two god forsaken hours assembling the marimba, but WE FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK. We then went to steven's again, but this time to get his drum set (and his KICK ASS 5 stringed bass guitar) That seemed easy compared to what we had been through previously. Then we went back to my house (at this point, it was like 6:20) for teamEXPLODING! practice. Most of the time there was spent moving equipment to the living room, and watching a video of Radiohead live. We practiced a tiny bit, and moved the living room back to it's former state.


The band practiced again, and then I had to leave for the stupid contemporary service practice at my church (which BLEW TO NO END). It was four hours of excruciating pain and misery. When it was over, I was ready to kill Jesus. I couldn't do so, because when it was over, Jenni took me to Tish's birthday dinner extravoganza! which was fun. We went to Ugo's. Tish, her boyfriend, one of her old friends, and her old friend's boyfriend were there (along with Jenni and I). Oh what fun. Afterward, we went to the Marq*e to see a movie. After that failed miserably, we went to some ice cream parlor in the middle of the Marq*e, and some people from band work there. They were singing a song about ice cream. When that was done, we all went back to my house, where we watched the broadway production of Chicago with the TV on mute as I dazzled them with my mad musical skillz. Then I went to bed


Church, then loafing, then the contemporary church service, which was worse than dave matthews. Most of the people who came were people who go to our church, and the few who didn't go to our church aren't coming back. I'm sure of it. It really sucked ass.


A regular day at school. I went to private lessons an hour ago, but the teacher wasn't there, so I went home and updated my LJ.
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I can't beleive how utterly incompotent some people are. The following actually took place:

BECKY: Why do nuns change their names all the time?
ME: Because if you knew their secret identity, they would lose all of their super-powers.*
BECKY: Nuh-uh!

She says this as if i'm SERIOUS. Just today, she asked if unicorns were real. SHE ASKED IF UNICORNS WERE REAL. I think I'm going to stab my self in the face with a soldering iron. WHY AM I ALIVE?!

* * *

To go to the concert, EMAIL US NOW!!!1!1!1!1!!!!1!111!!!!1one!!!!
It is of GREAT importance that you DO NOT HESITATE IN EMAILING US. Seriously, guys.

The concert is scheduled for FEB. 14.
You can contact us at team_exploding@yahoo.com

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You are a footie sock.

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Today was a completely normal school day, and that kind of makes me sad. On the other hand, I thought of something CRAZY:
For those who understand the nature of guitars for the most partCollapse )
* * *

today's events in detail
We have to wear thes god forsaken identification badges in these tacky little necklace thingys, and we're not allowed to buy a new one. I figure I'll just bling my up a bit with some gold spray paint and plastic diamonds. That's not against the rules, is it?

As I mentioned before, today was pretty dull. I need to find a new hangout at lunch, because I just can't stand the people in there, aside from the few times Alex or Weikei are there. Also, Mr. Warren is an asshole, and that doesn't help much either.

Miss McCaul sucks. (Not really new news.)

My Biology teacher is homophobic, as always

Mr. Ramirez still owns everyone on earth.

That's about what I've gathered from today. Next time I post, I'll post pictures of when Alex and Davey were over, and also a few pictures and details about my visit to Steveys house.


want to See us live? Click here to mail an RSVP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"I've decided that my New Year's Resolution will be 1024 x 786"

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I'm very confused.

* * *

My day is filled with music, which makes me happy. After Weix and Davey leave, I get to play at church. Though that isn't exactly the most promisingly fun thing to do, it beats staying at home and doing nothing.

Well, yeah.
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